There are hundreds of recipes out there that include chicken and low-carb options. When you look at the chicken and then look at your instant pot, suddenly you may be in a world where you have no idea what to do with the two items. Before you give up and just toss the chicken into the oven, consider these methods for cooking chicken in an instant pot. Each one offers you the chance to meal plan for the week with chicken without doing the same old tired way.

Clean the Chicken

This may sound odd or like a side comment, but many people do not clean the chicken before cooking it. Even if the chicken is factory sealed and organic, you still need to do at least a rinse off before you begin seasoning the chicken. During this step, you want to make sure you have removed all the innards including the neck and the gizzards that may be bagged inside the bird. Make sure the bird cavity is empty.

Prepping the Chicken

Once you have cleaned the chicken, you will need to prep it properly. You may already know what to do with the outside of the bird as far as lemon and other seasonings go. However, the vast majority of the flavor for a chicken that is roasted in the instant pot comes from the inside of the bird. Make sure that you use a whole onion, cut in quarters. Also add rosemary sprigs, carrots, and celery. All of this will play into the flavors you are trying to create. Remember, you want to keep any run off juices from the bird. You can dilute them water and use them as a broth in other low carb cooking ideas.

Cooking the Chicken

Once you have the chicken prepared and ready to cook, place it in a lightly greased instant pot. This is where you need to pay a bit of attention to timing. Make sure you lock the pressure cooker lid before choosing the cooking time. You will need to cook the chicken for 25 minutes on a high-pressure setting. Allow the pressure cooker to release the pressure and then remove the bird.

With the multiple settings on the instant pot, and the versatile nature of chicken, you can develop weeks’ worth of options. Each option is unique and each option can be altered for your tastes and texture profile.