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5 Signs That You Have Too Much Stuff

Do you find yourself taking a lot of time to find your belongings, or perhaps, struggling to close your drawer? If so, you probably have too much stuff at home. 

It’s common knowledge that a cluttered environment can increase people’s cortisol levels, generating stress.

If you want to make your well-being a priority, here are some signs that you’re accumulating too much clutter and some top downsizing tips. 

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1. You Constantly Lose Regularly-Used Items 

There’s nothing more stressful than preparing yourself to be punctual (selecting your outfit the night before) and ending up late because you spent a significant time at home trying to find your wallet or keys.

Sure, you can misplace items in your house, especially if you don’t put them in the same place every time, but too much clutter can make it even harder to find them. So, clear off your bedside table or your tabletop for these regularly-used items. It will make your life much easier. 

2. Your Closet Has Clothing You Don’t Wear

You know you’re accumulating too many things when you have clothing that’s too large or too small for you in your wardrobe. 

Your clothing is certainly piling up if you don’t donate your clothes a few times a year. But what’s the point of having those jeans among your belongings if the last time you wore them was three years ago?  

So, pick up a few pieces of clothing to donate or sell. It will be much easier for you to find the shirt you’re looking for among other items, and you’ll open up space for new things. 

3. You Try Hard to Be Organized

If you constantly find yourself buying shelves and drawers to keep your home organized, but your house still seems full of items: you have too much stuff. 

Too many things can negatively impact your mental health and generate stress. You have to reduce clutter for your well-being and for those who live with you!

So, instead of constantly buying things to make your home look organized, take the time to let things go! If something doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to say goodbye.  

4. Things Aren’t in the Right Places

Do you store things in places they don’t usually belong to? This might be a sign that you don’t have enough space for the amount of stuff you own.

For example, if you have tea sets in your closet, take a look at your tableware; get rid of what you regard as less important, and keep all your kitchen items in the kitchen. 

If, after evaluating, you still consider your items necessary, you can consider these storage solutions

5. Your Drawers Can’t Close Properly

When you see that your drawers aren’t closing properly, you know that it’s a sign showing that it’s time to have fewer possessions. 

Sure, you can have a “junk drawer.” A lot of people have one of those. But this is not what we’re talking about: when you have drawers with kitchen utensils, clothing, or other belongings that can’t close all the way, it’s time to stop and reflect.

Take your time to analyze what’s inside these drawers, ask yourself, “Do I really need these things?”. Donate or sell these items online accordingly. 

You Don’t Need Too Much Stuff

It feels good to arrive home, not tripping on random items, or chilling in the living room without staring at a chaotic mess. If you have too much stuff, you won’t be able to experience it. 

Your house is your sanctuary. You need to have an organized space to feel calm when you’re home. Take good care of it. 

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