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How to Start a Home Baking Business

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By Luke Mitchell | 

Are you the go-to person for providing delicious baked treats for your friends and family? Do you love to bake and have a passion for everything in the kitchen? You may already have what it takes to start your own home baking business. Over the past few years, private baking businesses have become very popular, and your kitchen skills could help you become a baking success.

When it comes to starting your own home baking business, you need a few things to be successful. Start with your knowledge, continue with your passion, and complete your business goals by setting up your kitchen bakery with the right equipment deck ovens and countertop workspace.

If you love to bake and want to learn how to make some money with your sweet treats, starting your own business is easier than you think. While there are pros and cons of starting any business, your future as a professional baker could be bright with the right commitment and dedication. Let’s take a closer look at how you can start your own home baking business. 

Pros and Cons of Starting a Baking Business



  • Compliance with local and state health and business regulations
  • You may need a separate kitchen space for your business baking
  • Lack of knowledge and experience
  • Marketing ability

What You Will Need

Obviously, if you want to start your own baking business, you should know how to bake. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend time honing and expanding your skills to be successful. To start a home baking business, you will need:

  • Knowledge of baking techniques and safety issues including dietary restrictions and potential food allergies.
  • If you have experience in a retail or wholesale business, it will come in handy when you are setting up your own shop.
  • Ingredients and equipment supplies and a space to store them. In some states, you may be mandated to have a separate space where you bake for your business.
  • Complete any licenses that are required by your county or state and schedule a visit from a health inspector.
  • An analysis of your competition and a complete business plan to help you to focus on your goals.

How to Get Started

  1. Research the laws and local regulations concerning home businesses. Apply for any needed licenses and permits.
  2. Contact your state tax office to find out if you will be required to collect sales tax. 
  3. Talk to a lawyer about helping you to create an LLC official and legal business entity to protect your company.
  4. Decide what type of items that you want to sell through your bakery. When you are first starting out, it may be easier to manage your business if you limit your inventory to a few items.
  5. Create a business plan that can be used to help you apply for funding or as an introduction for potential investors.
  6. Purchase all the equipment and supplies that you will need to get started. The cost of larger purchases like deck ovens can often be written off as a business expense when you file your taxes.
  7. Order packaging and labels for your products.
  8. Create a marketing plan that will get the news about your business out to your customers.

If you love to create delicious baked goods in the kitchen, you may want to expand your talents and start turning your baked goods into money. Follow these tips to help you start your own home baking business.

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