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Speed Muscle Recovery With These Basic Foundations

The Best Recovery Exercises

You know the feeling all-too-well. The soreness, the aches, and (sometimes) pains that can result from starting a new workout routine or pushing yourself harder than before.

On one hand, it can feel like a badge of honor and “proof” that you made the most of your workout. On the other hand, it can make it harder for you to go back for your next planned session, see progress, or stay on track with your routine.

While soreness is not the only indicator of a great workout (you can have incredible results without feeling sore), it’s something that you’ll inevitably encounter if you’re active. 

And, if you want to see results, one killer workout alone won’t get the job done. That means you need a way to recover quickly so that soreness doesn’t shut you down. 

The Two Foundations of Recovery

It might be hard to completely prevent tired muscles, but there’s a lot you can do to speed recovery, help your body rejuvenate, and make it very unlikely that you’ll get hurt or be as sore. 

But, before we go into some of the best recovery routines you can do before or after your workouts — or even on your off days — it’s important to remember two of the most effective techniques: sleep and walking

Sleep is a necessity for every human being, but for someone who exercises regularly, getting a good night’s rest is non-negotiable. 

person sleeping with eye mask

And walking, despite not feeling like much, is an incredible way to add movement and increase blood flow in a way that will make your joints and muscles feel better. When in doubt, low-intensity movement is a very good way to help reduce soreness. 

man and woman on a walk

Need something a little bit stronger than rest and relaxation?

Put down the Gatorade because these recovery routines are exactly what your body really needs to bounce back faster, so you can go into your next workout feeling amazing. 

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