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The Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

Summer is in full swing, and that means camp season is, too. You probably think back fondly on those carefree times when you spend hours on end outside playing with your closest friends. Though the times have changed, summer camps remain the same — full of fun, laughter, a few bruises on the knees and, best of all, endless sunshine.

If you’re considering sending your children to summer camp but are wondering if it’s a good fit, know that it’s beneficial for all kids. About 15% of parents send their kids to camp every year. It helps your child develop skills beyond what family or schools can teach them. The benefits of summer camps for kids far outweigh any hesitation you may have about sending them there for the summer.

1. Allows Them To Play Without Screens

Kids spend quite a bit of time on screens each day — about seven and a half hours. This media time affects their ability to sleep and may hinder their school performance.

When kids are at camp, they can have time without screens since most places limit or eradicate screen time. They can play and learn the meaning of genuine interaction.

2. Builds Resiliency

While your child is away at camp, they’ll have many opportunities to try new activities or conquer their fears. Resiliency is the skill that enables them to get up and keep moving even after a setback.

Your kids will face challenges. They may not be able to climb to the top of the rock wall the first day of camp, but after a few tries and a built-up resiliency, they’ll eventually get there.

3. Gets Them In Nature

Summer camp is all about being in nature. The outdoors stimulates their senses and brings out their curiosity. When kids step outside, they can learn about the world around them, which further drives them to care about the environment.

Additionally, the outdoors is an open playground. Your child will be able to run, jump, yell and explore all they want. Nature is great for their physical health in that way.

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