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How Cities Can Run More Efficiently

By Mike Igi | 

As we start to crawl out from underneath the pandemic and get back to a more open way of life with fewer restrictions, cities are being faced with a lot of new challenges. From not knowing how many people are too many people to restaurants and shops closing because they couldn’t financially survive the pandemic, cities are looking to rebound in a major way. Here are a few things cities may want to consider implementing in order to bring some life back to their area. 

Establish Business Incentives

Many cities and towns need to get commerce, business, and revenue up and running again in order to bring life back to shopping areas. The best way to court businesses to come back is to offer incentives. Incentives will allow businesses to open and try out the area without it costing them too much. It will also give them some financial wiggle room to try new things.

Allowing businesses to have the first month or two rent free is a good way to get shops and restaurants open. Without having that expense, they can open at a lower cost and have some time to build themselves up without risk of closing. Tax incentives are also a good idea giving owners a tax break for the first year so they can become lucrative enough to contribute to the community. 

Have an Organized Police Department

With people returning to hang out and a lot of people leaving urban areas for suburban areas in order to get more space means that the police department needs to be extra vigilant. The best way to be prepared is to ensure that the force is strong and has the maximum number of members. Using programs like police scheduling software not only ensures that there will not be any holes in the schedule, but everyone will be able to see who they are working with and which of their superiors will also be on their shift.

This helps to build camaraderie and transparency, which will help the unit run well and will give citizens the knowledge that they are being taken care of and looked after by a solid force. This also helps keep the city safer and will bring in more businesses and more residents. 

Hold Town Events

Nothing brings everyone together more than a common love. By holding town events, cities create a culture where everyone in the community can be in the same place at the same time and can get to know each other well. When people fall in love with where they live they will be more likely to join boards and take a vested interest in the town. 

Events are also a great place for business owners to network with each other and create partnerships that can help fortify and strengthen the business community allowing for changes to be made that will help make commerce in the town stronger than ever in order to rebound from the loss of revenue from the pandemic. 

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