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What Foods go Well with Green Tea?

Drinking tea is a lifestyle that many people enjoy. Green tea, in particular, is very popular among tea drinkers, and it’s one of the best teas you can have.

By pairing green tea with food, you’ll enhance both the flavor of the green tea and the meal. Even though green tea can be consumed with anything, it is better you don’t pair it with heavy meals.

This is because green tea could overpower the taste of the meal, which isn’t the idea you’re after. For this reason, it is best suited to subtly flavored foods. In this post, we’ll explore the different foods you can pair with green tea for the best results:


Green tea and seafood is arguably the best pairing you can ever have. Since most green teas, especially in Japan, are usually steamed, they have a vegetable flavor that blends well with seafood providing you with one of the best flavors you can get.

Green teas, especially sencha green tea, when combined with seafood, leave a bitter and grassy aftertaste that will have you coming back for more.

Chocolate-Based Desserts 

Another great pairing you might want to try is green tea and chocolate-based dessert. This is because chocolate majorly contains cocoa which provides a bitter taste. When you go for dark chocolate, you get an even intense bitter taste.

By pairing green tea with chocolate-based desserts, you’ll get to harmonize both flavors because the sweetness of the tea will complement the bitterness of the desert.

However, if you’re all about sweet chocolates such as milk chocolate, vegetable green tea is the best option for you if you want a great pairing. This is because the slight bitterness of the vegetable green tea is bound to enhance the sweetness of the milk chocolate.

Pizza With Vegetable Toppings 

If you’d like to pair green tea with a pizza, it’s only right you go for one with vegetable toppings. Also, smoky green teas are the best ones to try with the pizza.

This is because the strong flavor of your smoky green tea will blend well with the vegetable toppings giving you a great mouthful of flavor.

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